Coming out of the deep freeze…

When I first heard about the concept of being in the Deep Freeze, I wasn’t quite sure what that meant.

However in thinking about it further, I’ve come to understand that a majority of my life the person who I was always meant to be has been frozen, inside.

The psychological perspectives and theories talk about the “Deep Freeze” as being the age in which you close yourself off. Sometimes a traumatic event occurs, which secludes you on the inside, and you will preserve yourself at that age so that is able to unfreeze later.

Currently, how does this apply to my life?

Well I think, in all honesty I’m coming out of the deep freeze.

That child who felt objectified and hurt, like the center of the world was paying attention to her weight, has finally starting come out.

She is emerging and angry, emotional, confused. Wondering why it’s always been about the way she looked and never how she felt. Ignored the emotions,  stuffed them, froze them. So no one had to admit they were there. So no one had to listen.

And the truth is, is the little girl Who was frozen on the inside isn’t concerned with the numbers on the scale, she’s only 8 or 9 years old. Just wants to be safe and loved.

Now is the time when those things are possible,  now she can unfreeze. Be who she always meant to be.

Today she gets to cry for the loss of her youth, her innocence, her childish emotions. She gets to be angry at her let down. She gets to feel the frozen parts of her life, let it all go!

Finally to be me, whole, completed.
Today I started coming out of the deep freeze.

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