External measures…

measure-successFrom birth we are measured…

Life starts out with how much you weigh and how tall or long you are. These measurements seem insignificant, but they are a preparation for a lifetime of measurement.

We get grades in school and get marks of judgement based on the subjectivity of another human being. Who is to say what is someone else’s best?

How are we as individuals really able to learn our own success and worth, when we are constantly being bombarded with how we measure up?

Is this self judgement something we are born with? Do all people compare themselves?

I myself have always compared who I am to the person sitting next to me. Oh they got a better grade, oh they lost weight faster than me, oh they graduated before me and are moving on.

There is something in my own mind which triggers my worth based on an external marker. Something which lives outside of me, is always better than me.

I am not sure how to get over this measuring of myself, but I know admitting it’s there is the first step. Being aware will help me move on.

For those of you who have or never have faces this issue, help me out here!

What prompts you to compare yourself, or do you compare yourself at all?
How do you get over the comparison of yourself to other things?

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