Inner Critic

inner critic

A friend posted this today, and it really hit home

Today I received a “C” on a paper, I felt like I worked really hard on.
However, while I might have worked really hard it was obviously not my best work for the assignment.

My Inner critic then began the torment me with thoughts of

“You are not good enough”
“Everyone else in your group but you got an A”
“What could you have done different”
‘What’s wrong with you, you never get C’s”

And the list goes on.

I felt myself getting cornered into a little box around feeling like I could have done more, done it different, made better choices, done something, ANYTHING, but what I actually did do.

My truth is, I did everything I could do, to get the grade I got.
Yes, I could have done things different
But I obliviously needed to get to this place for a reason

I am honestly not sure what the reason is right now, but sitting in the shit of listening to the self mutilating voice is not working for me.

I have the ability to change my grade, to work harder and do better.
I cannot change this time, so it will serve me best to move on and focus on what comes next.

So here is to moving on…

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