Falling what feels like a 1,000 foot drop

Drowning in oceans, of salty tears




Feeling lost and unprepared

Not quite sure what to feel

Am I feeling?


Not knowing how to act

Just going through the motions

Feeling the wind move through me and around me

Keeps pushing me through

But I do not feel very alive

I know I will get through this

But you will never get through anything else ever again

This painful end

To a painful life

When will this cycle stop?

I do not know

I know I will miss you

Mourn for you

And pray wherever you are today

the pain is far away


There is nothing which can prepare you for the unexpected taking of another life

Let alone one which is taken by their own hand

Let this be a reminder of everything which you have to live for, for there is so much if you just look


2 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. The process of Suicide isn’t always instant. The result isn’t always death.. sometimes, its death of life, yet still living.. Addiction, Destruction, Hopelessness….. sometimes the candle isn’t quite blown out. The still ones are easy to count, the wandering wounded are yet more difficult. Is there someone slowly dying in your life today?

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