Frequent Flier Miles to… Hell

The other days I was involved in a group conversation and a woman who mentioned struggling with taking care of herself. She used the metaphor of continually being on the frequent flyer plane to hell… in the sense of never finding the right balance between time for herself by saying no to those she loved and being totally over-committed while being miserable.

While at the time I did not directly relate to the statement, as I look back on it now, my frequent struggle with feeling comfortable in my own skin has been a frequent battle to hell and back. Hell I should invest stock in the airline “devils delight”

I commit
I give up
I commit
I give up

The back and forth has continued to kill my spirit and motivation to continue the journey of finding the balance to the me I want to be.

So what’s going to be different this time?

Well, while I sometimes hop on the merry go round or roller coaster of self pity, lack of self care, and downright negativity, I have left my frequent flyer mile punch card to hell at home and refuse to take that ride today!

It has not been easy, there are days I want to sleep in and days I want to eat bad. So I do, and I face the consequences. I face them knowing I am making different choices on a more regular basis and making lasting changes in my attitudes and behavior through acceptance and self love.

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