Giving Random Acts of Kindness


I’ve been reading this book titled “The power of giving”. I read just a few pages each night before bed ( since so much of my reading is school related these days) and have really been touched by the message of self less giving it brings.

While I have always been a very giving person, it has not always been altruistic. It’s been astounding to look at just how selfish my giving over the years has been.

However there are two things in my life which I realized I have always shared no strings attached – my cooking and my artistic expression.

So lately I have been making and giving away wood panels with pictures and messages i have printed cut out and glued on them.

Many times I have created one and then someone in my life comes along who fits the creation perfectly.

However, for the one I will be giving  away tomorrow this person inspired me. Reminded me of a previous version of myself.  Slightly broken,  a little lost, and not quite sure where she stands with herself. But she is wise beyond her age and has had some life experience no one her age deserves.

So tomorrow I take her this board to remind her she is love. A walking,  living,  breathing, poem. Some one born from darkness to shine light.

Tomorrow I hope to give her something she might not see or feel right now, but I see it and know it’s there.

That will be my gift, my random act of kindness for the day

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