Adversity creates character


There are moments in life which define who we will be after the experienced moment. These moments sometimes define who we will be for the rest of our lives.

Whether it’s the death of a parent, the loss of a child, a rape or a breakup. These moments of challenge build something in you, which you did not have before. These moments change your character. 

In my story loss has been my biggest character builder.  I learned a lot about loss early on, through losing countless family members. My amazing great-grandma Addy, my favorite aunt Betty, plus a father and grandfather within a year of each other – all before my 16th birthday would just start the list. There are quite a few more I could add.

The challenge of each new loss in my life, created a new emotion. Some of which I did not address or acknowledge for many years after.

The experience of loss over time built an independence,  a preserved sense of my younger self, and a determination to not fear losing those in my life.

Through these feelings around death I learned to wear my emotions,  not hide who I was at each moment in my life (even when it made others uncomfortable) and to overall be true to myself because I only get one shot at it.

For me, in my story, the perpetual loss of those I loved created a sense of fear, which turned to anger,  and then turned to strength. Through these feelings and struggle my adversity helped me blossom into acceptance of who I am today because of having gone through the loss of those I

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