Mountain Climbers

Ball mtn climbers

In a recent desire to strengthen my core and build strength I started trying Mountain Climbers. Well I realized my body was not quite ready for this, as my lower belly still gets in the way. So I was looking for a way to modify last week, when I found this picture!

I was so excited! To think I could do this muscle building move with a exercise ball to help give myself some space between my belly and my thigh.

Well my excitement was taken over by the challenge of actually accomplishing this type of climber.The ball adds balance and difficulty to the original move I struggled with to begin with.

However, once I balanced the ball against a wall to start I was able to do 10. This was huge for me, 10 mountain climbers.

As of today I can do 10 on each leg (20 total) without the ball being up against the wall and bringing my knee all the way between my arms by twisting the ball slightly to increase my core movement.

I was so happy to find this modified move, while it is more challenging it is do-able with practice and motivation!



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