Finding Value!

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

I read this today and pondered what Einstein meant. Is this about having a purpose in life? Is this about how I value myself and those in my life? Is this about how do I show others and myself their value in my life?

So how do you value yourself? How do you value those in your life? What roles does value play in your relationships? How do you define value and what do you value most? 


I tried thinking of 5 ways in which I am of value to others and 5 ways in which I show myself I am valuable. I think it was the hardest thought process of my entire day. I do not know why it was so difficult for me, but I finally came up with the following list. 

How I am of value to others:

1) I love to feed people

2) I am open and honest with who I am, how I feel, and what is going on in my life

3) Being willing to help those in need

4) Sharing my smile and the joy which I strive to bring to live

5) Being present and participating in the lives of others, with a genuine sense of love and compassion


How I show I value myself:

1) I put lots of whole raw foods in my body to nourish it

2) I say no to things which I cannot take on and find balance in my commitments 

3) I spend time in nature and connecting with my creator

4) I am true to my emotional self 

5) I do not allow for what others think of my to rule who I am, I am my own person



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