It takes time, effort, and willingness to be SORE!



Last night as I was eating dinner with a girlfriend, I was complaining about being sore from all my workouts this week, and our waitress overheard us talking about the small “25lb toddler” I had recently lost. She looked kind of stunned, but as I explained I had recently lost (almost – I am 1.3 lbs shy) 25 pounds she began to understand.

She liked the analogy of losing a “person” and began to explain her story of once being 450lbs and now being about 165. She shared with us, how it was hard, and it took her almost 2.5 years to achieve her goal and how much better she felt after she did it for herself.

It was inspiring to know my journey is not just my own, but it is shared with all of those who have come before me and walk with me in their own journeys to shed pounds, get healthy, or maintain where they are.

It was fulfilling to have a stranger share her hope for me, and in turn I could share how proud I was of her for accomplishing something which she could have given up on.

So how do you share your story (whatever your story is) with others? Outside of your own blogs, do you talk to people, go to meetings for people trying to loose weight? How do you provide hope and fulfillment to those who might benefit from your experience?

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