My Win!



For weeks I have been working towards holding full plank on hands and toes. I Started on my knees and then worked toward holding it longer and longer. When I finally felt like I could move to the next level I started holding full plank as long as I could, taking breaks on my knees if needed.

It hurt, I wanted to cry, my body shook. It felt like I was on fire at first. But I knew I could do it, I knew I would do it!

Two days in a row, I have held a full plank for 1 minute with no rests on my knees. I still shook and it still felt like fire in some of my muscles but I DID IT! It felt like a huge win!.

I would love to hear about your wins this week! Whether it was a weight loss, good feedback at work, helping a friend! Whatever it might be, how do you feel like you won this week?

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