Respect as a stick or a stone…

I was watching a movie the other day and the main actress was reliving a childhood memory of being bullied. She made the statement ” If I couldn’t be a stick, I would be respected as a stone.”

I really related to this, because as a child I was not small. I knew I would never be small or “stick thin”.  However, being big, I could be a “stone” and use my strength to be respected, as a physical force to be reckoned with.

As I think about my own experience with bullying, no matter how hard I fought back and used my stone like figure, I was still not respected. I was still made fun of and hurt for being big, even if other kids were scared of me.

So what I have come to realize over thinking about this experience is being a physical stone is not the answer. This did not gain me respect or friends. It just put me further and further from the people who I really wanted to like me and have in my life at the time.

What I also have come to realize is these were not people I really should have wanted to have in my life. The people who will respect and love me most are those who accept me, no matter my size or where I am in my life.

No amount of launching stones at others, will get me where I want to be. I can only be an example of the respect I want from others, by giving it to those around me, even those who do not deserve it.

I will no longer be the stone and I will never be the stick. However, I will always respect myself and this is most important.


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