The Purple Perky! (A smoothie)


This morning’s smoothie was DYNAMITE – tart, sweet, and spicy. Made me want to drink a pitcher of it all day long!

If you do not have the ability to juice your own juice as is suggested below, using any cranberry, raspberry, blackberry or dark colored juice would be fine as you want that tartness from this (I would use the light version if possible). You can then add ginger and peppers into the smoothie itself to get the spicy flavor (which I love) or not, the choice is yours.



5oz Fresh squeezed juice (1 pint of blackberries, 1/2 a head of red cabbage, small piece of ginger, and 3 purple peppers – I also usually add a few slices of apple at the end to clear out all the vitamin rich pulp from the juicer)

3 oz 0%fat greek yogurt – Plain

2 cups spinach

1 small carton blackberries

1/2 cup blueberries


You can blend in any order you like, but I usually start with the juice and yogurt for a minute or two, then alternatively add leafy greens and berries.


I also usually blend for a really long time. I am notorious for 6 minutes of blending as this gives a super smooth consistency even with items with seeds (like berries).


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