30 things for my 30th year

I was reading another blog recently and saw a similar post. I LOVED the idea and thought to myself I need something like this.

I will be 30 this October, and have so many things left on the “to do” list. I started wondering what was stopping me, and realized the answer was NOTHING!

My commitment to myself is to complete the items on this list before the end of my 30th year (so before Oct 2015).

1) Do a full on burpie – no modifications

2) Finish my Bachelors Degree / Write + Present my undergrad thesis

3) Climb a mountain (preferably Mount Lassen in CA, but any large mountain will do)

4) Visit my Canadian Family, for the first time in a long time

5) Take a road trip

6) Visit the “BIG 5” in Utah –  Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Arches, and Zion.

7) Say good bye to processed food at least 2 days a week consistently

8) Wear a 2 piece bathing suit

9) Go to Hawaii

10) Write my business plan for a dessert bar

11) Run a 5k

12) Pay it forward, more often

13) Say “yes” to everything for an entire day

14) Take a picture everyday for 100 days (in a row) Completed Nov. 2nd 2014

15) Finish my Latitude and Longitude tattoo

16) Ride an Elephant

17) Put a piece of Bubble Gum on the Market Theater Gum  wall in Seattle

18) Go back to Boxing

19) Learn how to really use my camera

20) Find a job which truly satisfies the person I am and apply for it

21) Write a song

22) Get one of those cartoon pictures drawn of myself

23) Write my will

24) Spend an entire day in silence

25) Throw an “Un- Birthday” Party as Marie Antoinette time period Alice in Wonderland characters (bring on the powdered wigs)

26) Release lanterns into the sky

27) Go Zip Lining

28) Camp on the beach next to a bonfire

29) Meet a stranger and ask them what their “story” is  Completed On Oct 27th 2014

30!) Set my last letter to my dad ablaze, put it in a bottle, and drop it in the ocean. Finally letting go.

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