We all have to be somewhere!

I was in the grocery store the other day, in the middle of the isle while selecting a new laundry soap.

As this woman scoots by my cart blocking her way, I politely apologize and let her know how sorry I am for taking up so much space.

She kindly turns to me with a smile and says “We all have to be somewhere my dear.” I sat there for a moment almost stunned, for it was not what I was expecting and then I smiled. Replied ” So very true” and went along smelling my the different soaps to find one I liked.

At that moment what she said did not strike me nearly as profoundly as it did over the last 24 hours. Today I am wonderfully happy with where I am and how far I have come! I am in the “somewhere” I always wanted to me. Living a happy life, with someone I love, pursuing my dreams, and being a person I am proud to be.

(begin rant portion of this story)

Lately, I have felt judged by the words of others. Like the progress I have made is not enough. I have come to realize is I am where I am and I do what I do, without anyone else’s permission or acceptance. I have to live with my life, in my own skin, and no one else has to walk it for me. I know, when I shut off the rat race in my head which tells me I need to be in someone else’s shoes, living someone else’s expectations for my life, I am a million times more comfortable in my own life. I am no longer living for someone else.

Now, while I am sure this is not the epiphany this sweet woman intended for me to have, she triggered something deep in me which allowed me from that moment to claim my life as my own. Without Justification, Rationalization or Expectations. She granted me the ability to live in the moment and let go of the implications others write for me.

I write my own story, with my own pen and my own paper. My life is my own and it works for me. Period!

(end rant part of this story)


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