4. It takes a village


My wonderful friend Michelle is an avid quilter. She has some amazing pieces in her home! This one hangs right outside her bathroom and I see it every time I am there. Today after a very nice walk with her Pooch Olive, I was walking out of the bathroom and decided it would be my picture of the inspiration today.

This quilt reminds me it takes more than 1 home to make a whole, and I find myself at home in my friendship with Michelle and enjoy the life I am making here in Portland as uncomfortable as it might be at time.

I am becoming more at home in my own body, which helps me accept the ways of the world much easier. I also know it has taken many people to help me on this body/love/acceptance journey I am on.

This quilt reminds me I am not alone, I live in a village and am a part of. No matter where I am.


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