Happy Friday!!!!

It’s such  a beautiful warm morning here is Portland! 

I find the lack of sunshine here really does effect my mood sometimes, but this last week of heat and sun and given me a boost I needed. A recharge sorta speak.

It also reminds me of why I like the northwest, it’s not like this all the time  🙂

Here are 5 things which made me happy before 8 am today:

– My morning workout
– Making the day of the gas station attendant with a well deserved tip
– Saying good morning to a stranger and offering them a warm smile
– Knowing I finished my homework before going to bed last night
– Actually planning my meals before I eat them, so I know where I’m at without temptation

Taking good care of myself and being a blessing to those around me is a wonderful feeling.

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!!!!

  1. Woo hoo! It’s Friday! This was a very long week and I’m so happy that this week is almost over. Looks like you had an excellent day today! Being kind to strangers makes me feel good as well. Have a great night!

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