6. Lay in the grass



What does laying the grass make you think about?

Day or night? Siblings and friends?  Fireworks or camp outs?

Today as I was trolling around campus, on the hunt for my photo of the day I randomly started thinking about laying in the grass in the sun on warm spring nights as a kid. 

The stars, the giggles, the memories.

It reminded me of my dogs (now long gone) and their sticky breath.  The tickle of ants on melting skin and the breeze as we’d sway on the tire swing my dad built. 

It took me back to that perceived sense of innocence life had and the joy I took in being ignorant in the ways of the world.

It just so happens that today was a wonderfully warm one and there were many people acting out my not so distant memories. 

So today I hope you stop to lay in the grass!

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