7. For the love of Hazelnuts



Today as I was walking around the Saturday Market I was searching for a crunchy snack. On any normal occasion I would have searched out a crunchy baguette or crackers and cheese (My nickname as a kid was mouse… love me some cheese)

However, as I am meandering up and down through the vendors this man stuffed a handful of nuts into my open hand and ushered me under his canopy. To be honest it was kinda weird, cause he did not say anything outside of “EAT!”. Which I did with hesitation, but I swear he was a psychic, because it was exactly what I wanted.

20 bucks later, I left with 2 large bags of raw hazelnuts, 1 small bag of his raw chocolate dipped variety, and 1 small bag of crushed to make some super yummy nut cookies he gave me the recipe for.

I felt like I hit the jackpot, got a super crunchy snack, an awesome new recipe to try, and some satisfaction!

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