13. Salt and Straw


For those of you who follow the blog and don’t know me personally, my passion is homemade ice cream!

I’ve spent the last 5 years working on flavors and a technique which works amazingly well. 

Since moving to Portland, many people have mentioned a place called Salt and Straw, an Artisan Ice Cream shop here in town. 

So, tonight was the night to give it a whirl. 

I must say I was impressed!  I walked in and they had taken the motif right out of my head. The place I’d been dreaming of already exists. I was a bit crushed.

I felt as if my dreams of doing my own dessert bar were over.  Which may not be the case, but I’m not into taking what someone else does and using it as my own.

Now for the ice cream!  I tried multiple flavors.  From the salted caramel to the lavender walnut. 

Finally settling on the cinnamon snickerdoodle and the chocolate chewy brownie. It was amazing and as they melted together it was cinnamon chocolate heaven.

Their fresh waffle cones were also warm, crunchy, and sweet.  Just the way they should be.

However, what I noticed was they cater to very different breed of ice cream lover.  One with an adventurous side, offering flavors with flowers and herbs.  Which isn’t really my style.

My signature flavors are peanut butter cup and blackberry.  So a little more on the standard flavor trail. 

Overall, I’m sure I’ll visit Salt and Straw again as it was delicious, but it also pushes me to offer the amazing gift I have of my own ice cream. 

4 thoughts on “13. Salt and Straw

  1. I’m glad that I don’t live near that place! I might have to be forcibly removed from the ice cream store! Looks really good, and your description makes me want to try one. 🙂

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