20. Write the story which needs to be told



As I was walking on campus the other day, I saw carved into the stone path this Dorothy Allison quote

“If I could have found what I needed at thirteen, I would not have lost so much of my life chasing vindication and death. Give some child, some thirteen-year-old, the hope of the re-made life. Tell the truth. Write the story that you were always afraid to tell. I swear to you there is magic in it.”


I resonated with this saying in more ways than one.


I know myself well enough to know, if someone had told me at 13, I would live the story which would come to be my life by the time I turned 21, I never would have believed them. I would have continued on my path of self-hatred and self-abuse possibly longer because someone had “warned” me and I needed to prove them wrong. The rebellion and stubbornness which resided in me at 13 was much more than any one persons story or experience could have helped.

However, I know there are children who are not nearly as stubborn as I was and who would benefit from the life I have lived, finally being told. While I am mortified to share all the parts of my life, I know there is benefit to be had by sharing it. So I commit to myself to share the darkness a little more, so someone else might have a little light.

2 thoughts on “20. Write the story which needs to be told

  1. That’s very brave of you, and I agree that many will find hope in your words. How many times have we thought that we were alone in our darkness and pain, only to find out others had the same fears and hatred? It would have made that road easier to walk.

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