26. Freedom, Honor, & Remembrance




In loving memory of those who have provided service to this country.

So a few weeks ago 2 flags were stolen from this memorial here in the Portland area. One of the news articles which featured this is below – http://www.kgw.com/news/Flags-stolen-from-Oregon-WWII-memorial-site-258355341.html

My hubby had noticed the flags missing, because he drives by them every Saturday on his way to one of his side jobs. he then heard about it on the news and proceeded to tell me how disappointed he was in the young people who have no clue as to what these men sacrificed for them to have the lives they lead today.

I understood, but kind of left the discussion alone because he was clearly upset.

This morning he wakes up and tells me he has something he needs to do and leaves. About an hour later he returns home and informs me, he went and bought a flag and some rope and went and replaced the flag today.

 I was stunned but even more so, I was so overwhelmingly proud.

So today on this day to remember those who have gone before us to protect what we as a people have fought so hard for, he replaces something which represents them and their allegiance to what they have fought for.

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