Series of preparations!

I was having a conversation with my honey one morning at breakfast and he explained this really interesting perspective his Grandfather had shared with him once upon a time.

He said:

Life itself is a series of preparations. Events occur in our lives to prepare us for other things which are yet to come and prepare us for how to acknowledge or recognize when opportunities arise.  If we are not prepared for the opportunity presented in each moment, these moments will pass us by.

He explained that all things in life provide learning and preparation for what tomorrow could hold and if we do not take advantage of what is in front of us, we might not be able to accept what will come later.

This reminds me to stay rooted in where I am, and focus on what I can, rather than what might be. Today, has been a day full of challenge and frustration.

I am doing the footwork to try and generate the best possible outcome, but the truth is, I am only preparing myself for what is meant to be and what will come.



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