22. Suzie Cakes


My favorite cupcake place in the world is right around the corner from my old office in Menlo Park, CA. 

It is called Suzie Cakes

This is a vanilla creme cupcake, with mint green frosting. The cake itself is a little more dense than their other flavors (the chocolate is by far the fluffiest) but the frosting itself makes it worth it. With it’s smooth texture and rich vanilla taste, I literally could eat it by the spoonful (not that I should) 

I also recommend their lemon or pineapple cupcakes, as their fruit flavor cupcakes are true to a fresh fruit flavor you could expect from eating the real thing! (except the lemon is sweet – lol)

If you are ever near one of their stores (as they are all over California) I recommend giving them a try. 

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