24. Rubber Ducky you’re the one…..



So, almost 10 years ago, I received my first rubbery ducky as a gift from my sister’s partner at the time. It was a big white duck with all these funky designs on it, I loved it. It was shortly followed by a slew of ducks from my mom and friends. My collection grew to about 50, including those who light up, glow in the dark, have eye patches, reindeer horns, and zombie bite marks.

This past week in California meant a visit with one of my best girl friends. We became really good friends when we worked together at a previous company together almost 4 years ago and then ended up at the same company, which we both work for now. 

On our first day of carpooling during my visit, here sits a new rubber ducky on her dash. She explains she remembered seeing my collection when she used to visit my apartment and didn’t know if I had one of these so she got it for me. It was the first duck I had added to my collection is about a year.  I was OVERJOYED. I actually have a special place for trains in my heart, as they remind me of one of my favorite adventures with my grandparent’s as a child. 

I forget sometimes, how the small things people may or may not know about us, touch us in special ways. I was so grateful for this small token, because it reminded me, that even though I am not living there any more, part of me has stayed with those who are important to me. 


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