29.Fairy House



I was out on my afternoon walk last Tuesday (8/26) and was walking by a little girl in her garden. She was staring up into this little wooden house and I asked her what she was doing. 

She exclaimed with excitement ” Waiting for the sun to go down so my fairies will come out!” 

I giggled a little and asked her what kind of fairies she had. She seemed a little shy to share, almost like I was making fun of her (but I was actually very interested in her imagination and enthusiasm). Reluctantly she started telling me about how she first noticed over this summer that there were shinny things at night up in her little wooden house. And how she started watching them at night and how she believed they were fairies visiting her garden. 

I listened to her for about 10 minutes, and when she stopped she must have seen my adult skepticism, because she asked, “What you don’t believe me?”. I smiled and said to her in the softest voice I could, without crying, the only person in the world who has to believe you, is you! 

She looked puzzled for a moment and just looked at me. Then she smiled and excitedly said “That is right, no one can take away my fairies, they are mine!”. I thanked her for sharing with me, and told her to keep watch for those fairies, as they are good luck and continued on my way. 

This event reminded me of that soft gentle place which resides in all children. The imagination, the innocence, the believer in us all, that what is real to us is possible! It reminded me of wanting to chase my dreams and pursue that which I believe in!

To the dreamer in all of: keep on believing!  

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