39. TACOS!



The first time I ever heard of a “Hurt me” meal was taco night at my now hubby’s house, over 11 years ago. These “Hurt me” meals meant you ate till you could eat no more, and the only way to stop getting food put on your plate was to to wash your dishes. Those meals were some of the most fun dinners I had ever had. 

Now a days, while we do not eat till we hurt (OK, maybe every once in a while) we are always on the lookout for places with food that make us want to! 

Tacovore in Eugene, OR made us want to do just that. Eat till it hurt. 

We tried a little bit of everything on the menu. From the soft lamb tacos, to the braised chicken crunchy tacos, everything was fresh, tasty, and local. You pay a little bit more due to the local sourcing, but everything we ate felt well worth it.

I wish my stomach had allowed me to eat more, because trying everything sounded like a good plan. If you are ever in Eugene, be sure to check it out. 


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