68. Saying Thank You


I love this card my good friend sent me, to say thank you for something which seemed so small to me, but meant something special to her! I was so happy to do it.

In a world where manners are sometimes hard to come by and the expression “thank you” is often missing from daily conversations, I know personally expressing thanks to those in your life may not be the “only” thing on your mind, with busy to do lists and life which never turns off.

We get busy, forget someone did that favor for us, or the kids did their chores.

However, I have realized saying thank you is the most gratifying experience, even if I do not mean it.

I love saying thank you to the man on the bus who gives me his seat or the young girl who holds open the door.

I even appreciate saying thank you when someone is rude to me or cannot meet my request. I still say thank you because in some small way it allows them to save face and prevents me from getting angry.

It is the little thanks we take the time to say, which lead to grateful and happy days!

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