87. Sugar High


Today I was baking sugar cookies for the Monday night commitment I have every week.

There are about 5 or 6 kids between 7-10 who live in our complex and they all happen to know Sunday and Monday are the days which I bake.

Today one of the older boys comes walking by as I have a piping bag in my hand and gel tubes all over the counter.

He shouts in the back door, and asks me what I am doing, and if I need help.

As reluctant as I was to give up control of my “cookie project” I decided I really didn’t have enough time to do this by myself and assistance might not be a bad idea. Besides he is 10 and should have good hand eye coordination.

So I say, decorating cookies, and yes, you can help!

He runs home to put down his school bag and comes back about 10 minutes later with the complex troop of kids!

I am dreading, the time this is now going to take, considering I have mid terms tomorrow and way to much to do to try and manage 5 kids decorating cookies. But, not wanting to disappoint them, I drag chairs to the table and counter and divvy up assignments.

Needless to say, the cookies did not come out as well “designed” as I would have liked. However, I had a really good time, teaching the kids about different colors, decorating tips and letting them taste test.

Granted, I have less cookies than normal to take tonight, but the experience was totally worth it. Sometimes we get what we need where we least expect it.

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