What to say…. Where to begin. You might be wondering… why does any Random person start a blog? A blog is a place for someone to release whatever they find passion for. For some it is just the thought of writing, talking about politics or fashion. In my case, this is a journey.

A journey I choose to share, so I am not alone. So I am accountable and honest. This helps me find a safe space to be able to share with those who know me and those who do not, where I have been and where I am going.

This blog started because of my adventures with food. It started with recipes and pictures of all the things I love to eat. However, over the last year it has morphed into so much more than that.

To start food has not always been a friend of mine and in some cases has actually been my enemy. I have struggled again and again in a lifelong battle of never feeling comfortable in the skin I was in. While I have tried multiple times to change my “uncomfortable” feeling, I realized at one point it all stemed from the relationship between me and my Comida (food in Spanish) and the choices I made about what goes into this temple of mine.

What I have come to realize now over the last year of intense work is, my relationship with food, was but a symptom of the trouble which was deeply rooted in my upbringing and how I felt as a human being over the course of my life up till this point.

While I am currently “counting calories” the truth is, I am also re-defining my lifelong chaotic relationship with food, my family, and life on my own terms.

I realized the time for me to make some changes in my life was now and while food was at the starting line of my journey, it was not the catalyst. I was ready to take off, and skyrocket into trying something different and finally getting to know the person I am.

I hope in my sharing you are able to find a message of learning to be Happy (with the skin you are in), Joyous (in the choices you make that make you feel good), and FULL (not only with food, but with life, soul and being who you are at any place, and at any size!).

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  1. My long standing love affair with food is why I ride a bicycle like a maniac…..I ride to eat!! I look forward to reading your blog 😉

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