32. Inspiring Friendships



I have a really wonderful friend named Paige, who is a personal trainer here in Portland! She is wonderful and we have been spending time together as friends but more recently through training sessions as well.

I was doing one of my collages (art of my choice)recently and this was the final product. I felt like it was befitting of our relationship and decided to give it to her. I love sharing pieces of myself with others through art! 


22. Suzie Cakes


My favorite cupcake place in the world is right around the corner from my old office in Menlo Park, CA. 

It is called Suzie Cakes

This is a vanilla creme cupcake, with mint green frosting. The cake itself is a little more dense than their other flavors (the chocolate is by far the fluffiest) but the frosting itself makes it worth it. With it’s smooth texture and rich vanilla taste, I literally could eat it by the spoonful (not that I should) 

I also recommend their lemon or pineapple cupcakes, as their fruit flavor cupcakes are true to a fresh fruit flavor you could expect from eating the real thing! (except the lemon is sweet – lol)

If you are ever near one of their stores (as they are all over California) I recommend giving them a try. 

21. Childhood Friends


Growing up, I was kind of an awkward child. I didn’t make real connections with people in the same way I did adults. I felt like other little kids judged me a lot. It was more my own judgement of myself, rather than what they were judging me about. However, I did not feel judged by all the kids I knew. 

This past weekend while back in California, I made sure to see one of my favorite girls from growing up. Kacie, just moved back from the East Coast and I was super excited to learn she was back in the Bay Area. It was great catching up with such an amazing lady and I am glad to have re-connected with a childhood friend! 

Our visit totally reminded me, why I never felt awkward around her at all. I am looking forward to seeing her again on my next visit! 




I have no idea what my issue is, but I have been MRS. Grumpy for about 3 days now. I am pasting on the happy face, but the truth is I really feel like I need to put on the boxing gloves and hit something (preferably someone with pads on).

I keep wanting to control whatever it is that is bothering me, but the truth is I am not sure what is it. Which is driving me even more crazy, not knowing why I am in a junky mood! 

Maybe it’s the turn of the weather back to rain after a week of sunshine, maybe it’s my procrastination from working on my thesis or feeling like my ideas or not coming together…. hell it could be anything at this point. 


So here I am writing about it, working on letting it go. Maybe you guys could share with me, what you do to help you get out of a bad mood or funky spot! 

Respect as a stick or a stone…

I was watching a movie the other day and the main actress was reliving a childhood memory of being bullied. She made the statement ” If I couldn’t be a stick, I would be respected as a stone.”

I really related to this, because as a child I was not small. I knew I would never be small or “stick thin”.  However, being big, I could be a “stone” and use my strength to be respected, as a physical force to be reckoned with.

As I think about my own experience with bullying, no matter how hard I fought back and used my stone like figure, I was still not respected. I was still made fun of and hurt for being big, even if other kids were scared of me.

So what I have come to realize over thinking about this experience is being a physical stone is not the answer. This did not gain me respect or friends. It just put me further and further from the people who I really wanted to like me and have in my life at the time.

What I also have come to realize is these were not people I really should have wanted to have in my life. The people who will respect and love me most are those who accept me, no matter my size or where I am in my life.

No amount of launching stones at others, will get me where I want to be. I can only be an example of the respect I want from others, by giving it to those around me, even those who do not deserve it.

I will no longer be the stone and I will never be the stick. However, I will always respect myself and this is most important.


Finding Value!

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

I read this today and pondered what Einstein meant. Is this about having a purpose in life? Is this about how I value myself and those in my life? Is this about how do I show others and myself their value in my life?

So how do you value yourself? How do you value those in your life? What roles does value play in your relationships? How do you define value and what do you value most? 


I tried thinking of 5 ways in which I am of value to others and 5 ways in which I show myself I am valuable. I think it was the hardest thought process of my entire day. I do not know why it was so difficult for me, but I finally came up with the following list. 

How I am of value to others:

1) I love to feed people

2) I am open and honest with who I am, how I feel, and what is going on in my life

3) Being willing to help those in need

4) Sharing my smile and the joy which I strive to bring to live

5) Being present and participating in the lives of others, with a genuine sense of love and compassion


How I show I value myself:

1) I put lots of whole raw foods in my body to nourish it

2) I say no to things which I cannot take on and find balance in my commitments 

3) I spend time in nature and connecting with my creator

4) I am true to my emotional self 

5) I do not allow for what others think of my to rule who I am, I am my own person




Inspire all who you come into contact with! For you may change them as much as you change yourself


I have read a couple of blogs were people have been discouraged.

I feel so inspired about your stories and admire your grit and determination.

I wish you were right here with my so I could encourage you, give you a hug and tell you what a great job you are doing!!

I know I will need you some day!!


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