87. Sugar High


Today I was baking sugar cookies for the Monday night commitment I have every week.

There are about 5 or 6 kids between 7-10 who live in our complex and they all happen to know Sunday and Monday are the days which I bake.

Today one of the older boys comes walking by as I have a piping bag in my hand and gel tubes all over the counter.

He shouts in the back door, and asks me what I am doing, and if I need help.

As reluctant as I was to give up control of my “cookie project” I decided I really didn’t have enough time to do this by myself and assistance might not be a bad idea. Besides he is 10 and should have good hand eye coordination.

So I say, decorating cookies, and yes, you can help!

He runs home to put down his school bag and comes back about 10 minutes later with the complex troop of kids!

I am dreading, the time this is now going to take, considering I have mid terms tomorrow and way to much to do to try and manage 5 kids decorating cookies. But, not wanting to disappoint them, I drag chairs to the table and counter and divvy up assignments.

Needless to say, the cookies did not come out as well “designed” as I would have liked. However, I had a really good time, teaching the kids about different colors, decorating tips and letting them taste test.

Granted, I have less cookies than normal to take tonight, but the experience was totally worth it. Sometimes we get what we need where we least expect it.

80. Captivating Sky


While driving across one of the bridges this week, (I was the passenger) I snapped this really pretty picture of the sunset.

I hate to say, since I take so many sunset shots, they must be my favorite. I guess because when I was little I always wondered where the sun went, when the moon came out.

I still have the childlike wonder every time I watch a sunset. Where do you go sun? Who do you warm? What light are you shining and bringing to those half a world away?